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 Posted 4 years ago

However do I make a reservation for a ride three days before


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    8199 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    What rideshare? Uber, Lyft? If its for Uber  when you open the app box should say "where to" the spot where you enter your destination. On the far right side you will see a car & a clock click it. "Schedule a ride" will pop up date and time are at the bottom click on it and set it up. I am not sure how to d0o it for Lyft or any other rideshare.

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       4 years ago

      On Lyft, open passenger app

      On screen where it says 'Where Are you Going?" click on "Search destination"

      Enter the Pick up location (it defaults to Start -> Current Location, but you can change it, if for example you are scheduling this for yourself or someone who needs to be picked up at a location different from what GPS picks up at the moment.

      Also enter the End location

      Select Lyft (not shared)

      click the small calendar icon on bottom right (Schedule)

      Ensure pick up and drop off locations are correct and now pick date/time for pick up - Lyft does it in 15 minute increments, Now click "Set pick up time", then click "Schedule"

      in top right of your screen you will get calendar icon

      you can click on it if you need to cancel your schedule ride (prior to driver being dispatched at no charge), you can also edit your time/date from this cancellation screen if you need to

      remember though if you cancel after 2 minutes of driver is already dispatched or do not show up for 5 minutes once driver gets there you will get hit with $10.0 of cancellation /no show fee

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     4 years ago

    CT to NJ is a long trip, but I am sure there will be drivers to take you. Try searching for "schedule" on this site (RideGuru) and you should see instructions.