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What is the shield icon on my Uber app? I asked a bunch of people and none of them have seen it.

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 Posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago

It's at the bottom left.  I was scared to press it, so I asked my friends.  They didn't have the icon.

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    6991 Rider Driver
     8 months ago

    If you call 911 from your phone chances are they cant always track down your location. Unfortunately 911 is outdated when it comes to finding people's locations. As riders or drivers we share our location with Uber so Uber does know our current and correct location. I never thought I would say this but If you are ever in a bad situation, dont know where you are, have no address, you are actually better off going through the Uber app to contact police. Uber can relay your correct location to local police. Local police cannot always find your location. Some cell towers will put your location many miles from where you actually are. 911 in the US is supposed to have there systems upgraded by 2021 until then you may want to use your shield at bottom left if you are in trouble.

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    947 Rider Driver
     8 months ago

    LOL @ Uber for adding a 911 assistance button to the app.  If people are in need of emergency assistance, they're much more likely to dial 911 than to go to the Uber app and try to identify the funky icon. 

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    770 Driver Rider
     9 months ago

    I just checked.  I dont see one either. 

    I checked my driver app too.  Nothing.

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      1196 Driver Rider Guru
       4 months ago

      This toolkit option is only displayed during a ride, i.e. once you are picked up and the ride is underway.