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Is it true that Uber turns off surge pricing during emergencies, disasters, and storms?

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 Posted 4 years ago

I was talking to my uber driver and I asked him why he wouldn't go out during big snowstorms. (This was before a big Nor'Easter.) I teased how he must be able to score some surge due to skewed demand.  He told me that nevers happens, and he explained it might be because surges don't happen when there are no drivers out (even if there are riders) and may turn it off completely during storms.

Now that there is a huge hurricane coming up, I am yet again curious.

I looked on Uber site, but I am not a driver and didn't have much luck.  Not that it matters to me so much, but was he right?

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     4 years ago

    Yes, this is true.  Uber got into trouble for cray surges happening during emergencies, where people were simply trying to get out with any mode of transportation there were.

    I assume drivers complained during those times, but they probably went unheard for having "unpopular opinions."