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Blind woman sues Uber, says she and her guide dog were refused service

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1202 Rider Driver Guru
 Posted 7 years, 5 months ago

An Arlington woman is suing ride-hailing giant Uber after she says at least two drivers refused to transport her and her service dog.

In one instance last June, an UberX driver refused to pick up Jolliff once the driver realized that she was traveling with her service dog, a yellow Lab named Railey. Jolliff said she was holding the door handle when the driver accelerated. According to the suit, Jolliff, 29, was dragged several feet before she was able to let go.

Friends with whom she had been dining took her to the hospital, where she was told that she had sprained a shoulder. She missed almost a week of work and since then has avoided using Uber, the suit says.



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    1026 Rider Guru
     7 years ago

    These stories are always so sad. I remember reading about a story a couple years ago where an Uber driver locked a womens guide dog in the trunk and wouldn't let the dog out no matter how much the women begged :(

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    756 Rider Guru
     7 years ago

    That's just awful. At least be an adult and tell her you're not going to take her. Don't just drive away, especially when she's trying to get in the car!