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Buzzfeed: Uber Drivers Are Sharing The Deepest Secrets They've Ever Heard On The Job

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194 Rider
 Posted 1 year ago

This one is my favorite:

"I drove a guy who told me he was cheating on his wife with his cocaine dealer, and that it had been going on for 25 years. I don't know what impresses me more: a 25-year affair or a 25-year cocaine habit!"



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     1 year ago

    Lots of infidelity, I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of times I have overheard someone talking to a lover.

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      107 Driver
       1 year ago

      Exactly. People get in the car and just talk, it is crazy what they will say to eachother all while knowing I am listening

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    40 Rider Driver
     1 year ago

    How about the time I heard this guy bragging about how he placed nails behind his bosses tires.