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     9 months ago in  Lyft Inspection? How can I be sure I will pass?

    Here is what you need to pass!

    • License plates: Current and valid
    • Tires: Need sufficient tread. On a US penny, tread must reach Lincoln’s head
    • Windows: Free of major cracks, no cracks in driver’s field of vision. Windows must roll up and down
    • A/C and heat: Must be present and functioning
    • Wipers: Functioning and in good condition
    • Lights: All must function. Headlights, turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights
    • Horn: Must function
    • Seat belts: All must be present and functional
    • Seats: Front seats must move forward and backward
    • Body: Free of major damage or dents
    • Tailpipe/muffler: Must meet state standards