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Can a ride be schedule ahead of time

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 Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

My sister and I need a ride from LaGuardia Airport to New York Hilton Midtown next week.

We are each coming in to different terminals.

Can we arrange our ride ahead of time?


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    1581 Rider Driver
     4 months ago

    In some cities you can while others it's not an option.  However, please understand that scheduling in advance merely places your request in a que that automatically makes the request at the time you indicate for pick up.  Particularly since you're both at different terminals, I wouldn't recommend attempting to pre-arrange.  There's always plenty of cars at the airport and it will not expedite your pick up whatsoever.  The system may not allow it at the airport anyhow as there is a que system in place at airports where the the drivers are stacked to receive requests in the order of their arrival at the Uber/Lyft holding lot where drivers are required to go before they can receive a request.  No matter what you do, the time for a driver to arrive at your pick up point will be the same since every car begins at the drivers lot which is typically 4-6 minutes away from the gates.

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     4 months ago

    You can but it doesn't make much sense. There are always Ubers ready to pick up at the airport. Order yours after you arrive and pick up your luggage. It will only take probably 3 minutes for your Uber to arrive from the time you order :)