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can i schedule a 4am pickup ahead of time in seattle

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 Posted 10 months ago

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     10 months ago

    Yes, you can schedule a ride in the app. One thing to note is that the Uber scheduling feature is more of an automated request. The app sends a request at the time you set. It's not like a driver gets your ride ahead of time and puts it in their schedule. The Lyft app scheduling feature is more like a true scheduled ride. The Lyft driver gets it ahead of time and it's stored in their app as a schedule ride.

    Here's a picture that shows the button in the Uber app for scheduling a ride:

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     10 months ago

    Yes. I do this almost on a weekly basis Monday mornings.  

    Are you even from Seattle?  There are million drivers. only city where the drivers exceed its population.  There are Ubers and gypsy cabs all hours and all days.

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     10 months ago

    If you are somewhat close (say within 45 minutes) of the city and airport, you shoudl have no problem getting a ride even at 4AM.   Some drivers prey for passengers going to the airport or trying to get home from the bars. 

    I read in another post that it's a good idea to try the app a week in advance of your travel.  See what cars are out there during those times.