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Can Uber sue me for having an outstanding balance? I think my account is permanently closed. (I am a rider.)

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 Posted 5 years ago


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     5 years ago  (edited 5 years ago)

    If you dont mind me asking how much do you owe? I would assume the most they can do is bn you from using platform until it's paid or send you to collections. If its a small amt. under $50/$100 I would assume they wouldnt do anything. I'ts their dumbass fault for allowing you to request rides with no money in your account to pay for it. I would hope the driver wasnt screwed.  That Uber didnt take  the fare back for your ride/rides that you couldnt/wouldnt pay for. Why would you request rides that you couldnt pay for? Suppose they didnt pay the driver? That driver would lose time, money, and a possible more lucrative trip. Did you stop & think that you may have screwed the nice driver that picked you up and got you home safely? Better yet what were you thinking?