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Damage Fee

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 Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

I was charged $100 damage fee for spilling water on a seat of a Lyft. Anyone else encounter this?  Curious about a few things:

Why isn't Lyft required to let me know of this charge? [Had to find out via my credit card] 

I had to go back to them three different times to have the charge removed. Only after the third time did they send the drivers' photos (which had been doctored ... a 2-ounce spill became water splashed all over the back seat ... how would that happen?) Still didn't see the report.

How can water be a legitimate cause of physical or cosmetic damage to a seat? 

Has anyone challenged the legality of charging customers for damage without letting them know the scope or nature of this damage?


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     3 weeks ago

    I am surprised this isn't documented in your Lyft app? You got no notification in your app or an email? Normally you do.

    In the future I would take a picture of the incident as well so your driver cannot try to scam you!

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    1016 Rider Guru
     3 weeks ago

    Have you tried posting this in the legal forum on here? They might have some good insight!