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Do you have to have a car seat when you take Uber or Lyft?

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 Posted 6 years ago

The Guru Take


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     6 years ago  (edited 6 years ago)

    ippei gave a great, thorough answer, but one thing I would add is that the Car Seat service may only be availabe in NYC. If you're outside of NYC, you're not going to find a car seat service and drivers won't have a car seat unless you're lucky. Serving parents with young children is a blind spot for Uber/Lyft services.

    Edit: It looks like Car Seat is also available in Washington, D.C. Does anyone know other cities where it's available? 

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       6 years ago

      I live in Arlington (Washington DC), and I see UberX + Car Seat option.  Staring at it right now.  Never tried using it as I don't have the need.

      BTW, the number of Uber options in DC is getting out of control. I literally see like 12 icons.