The Best Paying Delivery Driver Jobs

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Aug 02, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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Today’s world looks a whole lot different than the world of a hundred years ago or even twenty years ago. Jobs and careers, especially with the new gig economy, are changing at an unprecedented pace. Apps and smartphones and the gig economy were words that did not really exist ten years ago, but now they are a huge part of the global economy. Delivery driving is no longer a job just for high school or college students. People are now making careers as a delivery driver, supporting themselves between jobs, or simply doing a little side hustle. We have found that most delivery jobs work out to about the same per hour rate but here are our top picks.

Uber Eats is one of the most well known delivery jobs. You deliver food to people who have ordered through the Uber Eats app. Pay is dependent on how many deliveries you do, how far the drive is, etc. You will need to have a vehicle that is 1999 or newer. 

Eaze only operates in California, but it is a great opportunity to earn some extra money. You’ll deliver marijuana to people in your area between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:00 pm. You’re paid hourly plus mileage and have potential for tips. 

Deliv works with people and small business to help them get what they need on the day the order. You will deliver flowers, alcohol, clothes, and more to people, hotels, hospitals, workplaces, and more. You can earn up to $22 an hour working for Deliv. 

DoorDash also delivers restaurant food to people. They are always looking for more “Dashers” as the service continues to grow in popularity and demand. 

Amazon Packages is always in need of drivers. It is the easiest and most flexible delivery position at Amazon. Drivers deliver packages to the address and drop it off whether the person is home or not. The compensation is pretty good and ranges from $18 to $25 an hour with the possibility of bonuses during holidays, busy times, or for doing a high rate of delivery. 

Instacart delivers groceries to people’s homes. You do the shopping based off a list provided by Instacart, then you will deliver those groceries to people’s homes. You choose your schedule, get paid every week, and have the opportunity for tips. 

Saucey gets people the alcoholic beverages they crave. Located in select cities in America, they are in need of drivers. You get to pick your own schedule and deliver in an area of town you are familiar with. You’ll earn for each delivery you make and have the potential for tips. You must be 21 years of age to deliver for Saucey. 

Amazon Restaurant Delivery is similar to Uber Eats, DoorDash, and other restaurant delivery apps. It is available in major cities across the United States. Unlike other food delivery apps, you have a base pay of $18 to $25 an hour plus whatever tips you make upon delivery.

When choosing a delivery job it is important to do a little research specific to your region or city. Some of the companies may not operate where you live and others may give special incentives if they are in need of extra drivers. If you are still unsure which is best, try asking our community of drivers!

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