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  • Don’t get me started with multi floor apartments and  large complexes with no guest parking. And people who are too lazy to come down.

    What am I supposed to do with the car?  I’d be happy to leave the food on the curb 

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     9 months ago in  Firefly Earn up to $200 extra if you drive 40+ hours

    So many drivers complain about how they aren’t getting paid enough, then, when they hear about the ads on the rooftop, they get pissed off. 

    Uber is still not profitable and drivers are hurting from falling wages. We should be welcoming of innovative ways to make this business model work. 

    I’m all for this. I will drive for FireFly when you make it to DC/Baltimore at some point. 

  • I know what you are getting at. You wanna hear the disastrous stories of Uber driving. Ha!

    We have our ups and downs, but I make $20 plus on a bad shift. So if I drove an eight hour period, that should be about $160 even on a slow day. 

    Of course we have our good days and that comes with bad days. All of us has had those shifts where we tried something different from the norm (day different area or different time/day) and totally struck out. Even then I feel like I’ve made at least $100. 

    I’m in Baltimore. 

  • Once in my like five years. 

    I saw it in the rear view mirror. I really thought she got shot in the back of her head and her face exploded. That’s what I seriously thought for that split second until the stench reached the front seats. 

    I will never forget Emily. My first.

    Btw, thank gosh she was with friends. I mean, what would I have done if she exploded and passed out?  Straight to the police station, I guess. 

  • What are they doing at the rally? Is this one of the picket lines?

     If Uber's changing the date was indeed triggered by this strike, it means it was a big success.  It means they made a difference and there was enough impact felt.

  • I think those companies are falling like flies though. It's really hard to figure out the liability aspect of that business when it comes to minors. With so many regulations, laws, and demands from insurance carriers, they all end up being licensed school bus companies.

    It's a shame because there is a huge market for it.

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     1 year ago in  inDriver is Hiring in Columbus,Ohio

    Ability to set your own fare and we get to accept cash payments. It looks like I will be getting 0% commissions always. LOL

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     1 year ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Do you have the ability to turn off your Pool rides?  I don't think I do.  I looked into it last year. 

    That is so true about low ratings and poor tipping both come from pool rides. They take out their crappy experience (of riding with others) on the driver. Grrrrreat.

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     1 year ago in  Yelp Review on Uber

    Well, tis is true. Uber just connects people and drivers and make a huge profit off of it. You can't discount how their apps enable people to connect, of course, but I get his point how the "real work" is being done by the drivers themselves.  If there was a public mechanism to connect people, or something government driven, there wouldn't be a need for Uber.  That is also true.

  • Right, you can't even change your account number like you can with Cc.

  • I am fairly sure Uber's XChange was sold to Fair along with the deal for them to operate as partners.  (are they still considered exclusive?) 

    Gosh, sorry to hear this. That's just awful, and it sounds like they don't even know what they are doing.

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     1 year ago in  Can Lyft drivers see your ride history?

    Isn't this question referring to something that happened a long time ago? Wasn't there like a bug or something in the app where the drivers or unintended parties could see your ride history?  I vaguely remember.

  • I read one of the tips for female passengers to never sit in the passenger seat or even on the RIGHT side of the car. The driver can drive up to a wall (on the left) and attack.

    So sit in the back, towards the left of the car.

  • Many responses here are only considering a case in a city setting where there are many cars on the road. What about in a rural area or during late hours where there aren't that many cars on the road?  Being able to identify when a car would drive by on what road may be useful information to a criminal.

    Car hijacker or a robber can certainly wait, barricade a road, and stop the driver.

    Let's take it a step further. What if a sexual predator would request a ride and keep requesting until he gets a female driver?  (in most states, he can see the driver's first name)  Then he would know where she is driving.  Cancel the request to have plausible deniability, and then attack her when she comes to the neighborhood.

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     1 year ago in  Should we drive during the government shutdown?

    Well, here’s a thought.  What if those government workers currently affected by the gov’t shutdown are starting to drive For Uber and Lyft?!!  That’d blow up the supply and we will all be doomed!!

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     1 year ago in  Where do you park when you need a break?

    As a driver who works 80+ hours a week, I am proud to say I have mastered to sleep anywhere, any of the seats, and any position possible.

    The dude who said you sleep with legs into the trunk, you sir deserve a trophy.  

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     1 year ago in  This Startup Installs Themed Experiences In Your Uber Ride

    Wow. I would totally do this.  On my own. Without some Silicon Valley doiches’ help. 

  • I am gonna plagiarize this one. Real great answer by Francis Lapeyre.

    • Don’t make me wait. The reason Uber has a wait fee is to encourage promptness. If you make me wait more than five minutes, and I can’t contact you by text or voice (how is it that you request a ride on your phone, and then don’t answer it??), I will cancel the ride, and you will be charged a cancellation fee.
    • Please respect my car. Do not eat, smoke, or vape, in the car, or before getting in. Lingering odors created by you may result in a reduced rider rating. If I have to incur extra expense to get my interior cleaned professionally, I will report that to Uber, and you will be charged a cleaning fee (hasn’t happened yet). And, don’t slam the doors. That is rude at the very least.
    • Do not expect any amenities. If you get them, fine, but most drivers are not going to give you anything more than a ride from Point A to Point B, plus a reasonably courteous attitude. I don’t have anything other than charging cables in my car. I tried the water bottles, but all I got was crushed, wet plastic discarded in the doors.
    • Don’t tell me the route I’m taking isn’t the fastest route. I was born here, and have been driving on these streets for 47 years. I rely on GPS because it will reroute me based on heavy traffic. 99.9% of the time, if I deviate from the suggested route, I’ll be later than the estimated time.
    • Do not expect me to violate the law. You will wear seatbelts in my car (in the back as well as the front). You will not have open containers of alcohol. I won’t speed for you, or drive recklessly. Your fare is not worth more than my driver’s license.

  • Oh, yes. Absolutely. In fact, I've had several.

    It happens more often than you think. It happens pretty much every time a rider is charged and they dispute it. 

    and by blamed, it just means I won't get my $5.00.

  • I’m gonna make a comment and no one really brings this up. 

    A huge factor in a driver rating is the type and newness of the car, which is something the driver has little control over. 

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