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Europe and Asia will beat US to the autonomous vehicles. They actually have plans.

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 Posted 5 years, 11 months ago

Their governments are enacting legislations around the deployments as well as testing of autnomous vehicles, while US continues to fumble around on this topic.

Total lack of national legislations.  This is going to hurt the US market.  Taxis all over again?

"Cars that drive themselves are finding the clearest paths to showrooms in the U.K., Germany, South Korea and Singapore, where governments have enacted legislation allowing autonomous vehicles to be tested on public roads. And China’s not far behind.

Those nations are outpacing the U.S., where the absence of national legislation to clarify a “checkerboard of state rules” hampers the deployment of driverless cars, Bloomberg New Energy Finance said in a report. California and Arizona lead the 50 states in allowing tests of driverless cars and host the largest fleets, according to the report released Tuesday.
Daimler AG, General Motors Co. and Tesla Inc. join technology companies Alphabet Inc. and Baidu Inc. in spending billions of dollars and filing thousands of patent applications in the quest to build cars with varying degrees of autonomy. The ultimate achievement is Level 5 autonomy, in which a car doesn’t need a steering wheel.

Global governments want their own national champions in developing self-driving cars, but they hesitate to put them on public roads because the technologies are immature. While different cultural and political systems have contributed to the differences in legislation, Asian countries overall are very aggressive in allowing AVs on their roads, said Alejandro Zamorano, a San Francisco-based BNEF analyst who wrote the report."


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     5 years ago

    As the article mentions, one of the reasons is that the legislations around cars and driving are done at the state-level and not the national, so we would inevitably be behind other countries on this front.  This has been true with many other topics, and it is far from being an isolated incident.

    Remember too.  US States are beasts, and this has been the American way. They are big, rich, and powerful and have their own police forces.  There is a lot of good and creativity that comes out of having 50 different governments that consistently compete with each othere. Then Federal steps in when the time is right.  It works so let's trust it.

    Don't just assume that these legislations that are being passed in Germany or South Korea are perfect either.  

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     5 years ago

    I mean is anyone really surprised here that the US is not #1. We love to think that we are #1 in everything but truthfully we are terribly behind in most things, education, progressive-thinking, technology, etc.

    I think the only thing we are #1 for is school shootings. Great place to live...