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What is the capacity of cars that allow for luggage space? (Uber and Lyft)

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 Posted 5 years, 8 months ago

The Guru Take


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     4 years ago

    SUV is not synonymous with XL. An XL request guarantees you seat belts for 6, but cargo space varies greatly between vehicles and is NOT guaranteed by Uber or Lyft.

    A Dodge Journey has room for TWO SMALL suitcases (carry on size) at best. It will not fit even one full sized suitcase and, again, cargo space is not guaranteed by either platform. The Chevy Traverse doesn't have much more room. Neither of the above mentioned vehicles are full sized SUV's and are NOT required to be on the XL tier. 

    Any groups of six must request an SUV-tier vehicle to be guaranteed luggage space. If your request an XL, it's wise to call your driver immediately to find out how much cargo space is available to avoid a cancelation fee.