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I have 2 big luggages, 1 small luggage, 1 backpack and maybe 2 boxes. Which uber should I book ?

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 Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

Hi. I am going to move to another place. I have 2 big luggage, 1 small luggage, 1 backpack and maybe 2 boxes which are about the same size as the small luggage. I travel alone. I want to ask that which Uber I should book so that they can fit in the car? Uberx or Uberxl?


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    1026 Rider Guru
     2 years ago

    I would book an Uber XL to be safe and to give yourself room. You probably could fit in an Uber X with some of your luggage next to you on the seat if cost is a big factor. 

    This article on luggage capacity may help you decide as well.