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If Lyft is about 10% cheaper than Uber why do people use Uber?

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 Posted 1 year ago


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     1 year ago

    Who said Lyft is 10% cheaper?  I don't think that's true anywhere.

    ...but if it were true?  People use Uber because everyone knows Uber and there are more drivers on Uber. If there are more drivers available, it'll offer quicker pickup times and less likely chance of surge.

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     1 year ago

    See, if Lyft is 10% cheaper, it means the drivers are likely to be getting paid less too.  This means, drivers (who have both apps on their phones - Lyft and Uber) will flock to Uber because they will pay them more.

    So if there are more cars and drivers for Uber, riders will have better experience and quicker pick-ups. People usually pick the app that has more drivers.