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Why do people expect so much out of an Uber when it costs less than a cab?

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 Posted 5 months ago

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    426 Rider Driver Driver
     4 months ago

    two stupid girls kept pestering me for water in uberX local ride and I finally told them that I have some water in the radiator and would you like for me to pull over and give you some ?? 

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      8105 Rider Driver
       4 months ago

      Bigfrank you should start a You Tube Channel. It would be awesome. Love your responses. Short and too the point. 

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    86 Rider
     5 months ago  (edited 5 months ago)

    I didn’t know we expected more from Uber. Do we?

    Are you talking about how we complain about the pick-up time, car cleanliness, people not getting attacked and stuff? That maybe true. I do think the expectation has changed a bit, but I think these issues have nothing to do with the price of the rides.

    I mean, are you saying that we wouldn’t mind longer pick up time, dirty cars and constantly being attacked if the price was cheaper?  

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      811 Driver
       4 months ago

      I think the point is, if you get on an inner city bus, or an Uber because both are much cheaper than a limo, do not expect bus driver nor and Uber driver to treat you like royalty and pamper you with free waters and snacks. As a passenger you are right to expect a good  basic service to get you from point A and point B safely in a reasonably clean car. If you do not like that bus is dirty or came a few minutes late do you complain to the bus authority? As a passenger not us important to have your expectations in line with what you pay for service.

      I do not expect a premium 5-star steak from a local diner!