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Is it true that Uber pays the drivers less for setting the destination filters? (i.e. wanting to go in a certain direction)

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 Posted 2 years, 8 months ago

With everyone complaining about Uber setting up the price in any way you'd like, I feel like we need to be skeptical about anything Uber does. If you show any weakness, they will take advantage of you, right? 

They can use anything against you, like charging you more if you travel the same routes or if you check the prices too often?  Well, what about for drivers?  If I have a preference to go in a certain direction, say towards, home, would they pay me less?  This isn't too farfetched, is it?


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     2 years ago

    Let us add this to the list of how Uber screws us all. 

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     2 years ago

    Oh, most definitely yes. 

    Don't expect to get surge or any share of the upticked pricing.