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Is this Uber's new "Racism" Pricing? or Simply Racist Uber Support?

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 Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

We find such gold in Uber Support twitter.  Here's someone who complained about differing pricing between two Uber users. This has been a common thread recently, where Uber's dynamic pricing is basically charging whatever they want to, likely based on factors we weren't aware before: (e.g. The more you use Uber, the more expensive it gets , Uber fare different for same location, same route, same time, and no surge)

Well, check out this person who complained about differing prices. 

Look at Uber's response:


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     5 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)

    Yo, I was just reading this article about Uber's new pricing policy and it's got me heated. It seems like they're charging higher prices in predominantly black neighborhoods, which is straight-up racist. It's messed up that a company as big as Uber would stoop to racial profiling like this. This reminds me of the racial profiling essay I had to write for class (check this info) , where I learned how harmful these kinds of practices can be. I hope Uber gets called out for this and makes things right. Everyone deserves fair treatment, regardless of their race.

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     2 years ago

    Uber's response to this is that the surge prices can come and go any minute.

    Whether you believe that is up to you. lol

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     2 years ago

    Not sure if I call it racist.  It's more racially sensitive.

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       2 years ago

      I admit I noticed. Then again I am too used to the Internet that I just expected it.