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Is There A Way As An Uber Driver That I Can Refuse Trips With Multiple Stops?

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 Posted 3 years, 4 months ago

Is There A Way As An Uber Driver That I Can Refuse Trips With Multiple Stops? I have been driving with Uber for two plus years ( almost the same with Lyft but since Lyft was completely stupid updating my background check, I prefer not to drive for Lyft!) and in that two + years, I have had about 300 multiple stop trips(out of nearly 5000 trips). In those 300 or so trips, I would say that over half of them I had to wait ten minutes or more for my riders to return to my car. Also, what’s up with Uber’s app? If you swipe right after you have arrived at the first stop when you arrive, then you may accept other trips and those poor folks have to wait on my riders to come out of their first stop. At least on the Lyft app, they have a separate arrival and departure swipe after you arrive at the first stop! Anyhow, is there anyway to declare out of  accepting multiple  stop rides? And for those of you that say that I should put a time limit on how long I will wait before terminating their trip - forget about it - I am not capable of telling people that they went over my self-imposed wait time and left them. I am just not gonna do that - there’s just too many problems with that (including stuff left in my car and unforeseen problems in their stop destinations, like picking up life saving medicines, etc.). So, does anyone out there know a way to deal with this problem on the Uber app? Thank You In Advance, Louis😊