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Is there Uber in the Bahamas?

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 Posted 5 years, 4 months ago

I'm traveling to the Bahamas and I want to know if Uber operates there. Thanks!

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     3 years ago

    Traveling to NASSAU, The Bahamas and need a RIDE then check this company out.
    Go to the website and click on the RESERVATION TAB; scroll down and you will see the booking form.

    Their prices are not bad and very affordable. They also have a large range of Vehicles to suit everyone's needs.

    They also have an app that you can download for booking

    Give them a call today @ +1 (242)-809-5904 +1 (242)-434-7834

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     4 years ago

    Worldwide many may know of Uber; however, Uber does not operate in Nassau. Instead Nassau has a ride share application called Kroozzy. The application allows you to book ride on demand and later from your cell phone. It's very safe and reliable. Women are also able to book their ride with a woman driver as well as a preference. All transactions are through the app with the option to use USD, Euros, East Carribean Dollar, Dominican Peso  or Bahamian Dollars. Similar to other ride apps, the application use ratings for both the driver and rider to ensure positive service. 

    Majority of travelers prefer to take private transportation from Nassau Airport to their destination. Often times, the taxis are not up to par and may have car trouble. Nassau's best ground transportation is "Baggy Rock Nassau Transportation". The reservations can be booked online and also includes a complimentary 30 min stop at the grocery and liquor store. 

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     5 years ago

    There is Bahamas Ride in Nassau now.  Its an on-demand taxi service that only uses licensed and vetted taxi drivers.  Its a great new service.

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     5 years ago

    Do you think there will be a time when Uber is everywhere?

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       5 years ago

      Hard to say, but probably not. Some places are fine operating with taxis and don't need Uber in the economy to mess that up for taxi drivers. But who knows what will happen with all these self-driving cars, flying cars, planes, jets..... Ihave no idea how people will be using transportation in 10 years!

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     5 years ago

    Well yea, but people probably are asking to get to the resort they are staying at from the airport. The smaller islands don't have their own airport so they'd be getting there from a mainland area. 

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     5 years ago

    Most of the people who are on islands are tourists, and the local people don't have much use for a rideshare service. That's why they are not very popular there. 

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    jessica li
     5 years ago

    Why do you need Uber in the Bahamas? Aren't they all pretty deserted islands?