Yoweby and Bahamas Ride Join the Ranks at RideGuru

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jun 07, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Traveling to Winnipeg soon? Looking for transportation options around the Bahamas? RideGuru has added two new companies, Yoweby and Bahamas Ride, to our Fare Comparison Calculator. Compare rates with other rideshare and taxi companies to find the best ride for you!

See below for more information on our two newest supported companies, Yoweby and Bahamas Ride.


Yoweby is a ride-share application based in Winnipeg, Canada. Yoweby works to combine the convenience and reliability of app based ride sharing with with top notch customer satisfaction. Different from other rideshares, Yoweby has agents available 24/7 to take your request and provide a scheduled ride if you so desire. Yoweby also offers on-demand rides through their application. Riders can track their drivers car on it's way to pick them up and can pay by credit card through the app at the end of their ride. Yoweby is currently only available on Android.

Bahamas Ride

Bahamas Ride is an on-demand taxi service in the Bahamas. They pride themselves as being able to provide safe, reliable, and convenient transportation anywhere on the island. They work directly with the Ministry of Tourism to bring the tradtional taxi service to tourists and locals through their app. Although there are no discounts or changes to the taxi fares – the service allows for quicker and easier access to taxis for locals and tourists alike. One unique feature that the fleet of taxi’s do provide is WiFi in most of their cabs. Bahamas Ride operates like every other major taxi ride-hail company; order a car, track the car, and pay for your ride via credit card through the app.

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