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is uber pool avaliable on 2 way trips on same day

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 Posted 2 years ago

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    OP 8 Rider
     2 years ago  (edited 2 years ago)

    does the destination have to be in the same city. if I start in Scarborough and go to a near by place in Nesmarket or Holland landing and come back again the same day especailly if i come back at night

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      1201 Driver Rider Guru
       1 year ago

      No, the destination does not have to be in the same city. As long as the driver is cool with you, you can take Uber anywhere you want, even to locations not supported by Uber.

      Of course, you should make sure that there will be Uber available for your trip back!

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    325 Rider
     2 years ago

    I was in the Toronto area earlier this summer.  There is ample drivers everywhere in the city.

    On top of that, Toronto has AMPLE taxis too.  I don't think you will be without a ride.  If you ever end up outside of Uber coverage or there aren't that many drivers near you (which I doubt), you can always take a taxi.  It's not like it'd be more expensive this way anyways.