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It's official! Lyft files to go public!

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 Posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Ride-hailing company Lyft confidentially filed a statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering this morning. Does this mean Lyft will be beat Uber to IPO?


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    173 Rider
     8 months ago

    Heck of a market to go public in right now. Yikes.

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     8 months ago

    Thanks for this information,

    With the feds raising the interest rates, I heard now is not a great time to buy stock, but because I spend lots of money with Lyft and I believe in them, I will take the risk of investing and becoming a share holder. Nice way to get some of my money back.

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    419 Rider Driver Driver
     8 months ago

    This app I call the elegant hypocrite because they play in the same pond of shit as 666 Uber

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     8 months ago

    I am eager to see more information about the financials and operating details of Lyft and Uber once they're required to disclose those details as public companies and hopefully figure out how in the hell they're valued the way they are.

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     8 months ago

    Why is everyone saying confidential and everyone knows about it. 

    Plus, how can filing to be a public company be confidential. This is all fake news