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London is only letting Uber operate for 2 more months

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23 Rider
 Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

They wanted 5 years but only got 2 months, ouch. At least one country is taking the safety issues of Uber seriously. 



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     4 years ago

    We all know Uber will find a way to operate for longer than 2 months. This is actually a win for them, they should have been stopped but instead they got a 2 month grace period to adjust.

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    1300 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Both Uber and Lyft's safety reports are due to be released before the year end, it'll be a disaster. Regulators are catching up to both, good luck.

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    1602 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    The taxi companies have a serious "voice" and are fighting it tooth and nail.  Obviously Uber hasn't found the right official to buy off and make this problem go away.  Knowing their style and marketing, they will rally enough support from the public to get this resolved in time is my bet.

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    60 Rider
     4 years ago

    I feel like London is so back and forth with Uber. Everytime I turn around they are "banning" them LOL