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Lyft - Some of the Terms, Conditions, Policies, etc. etc. etc. should be adjusted, modify, etc. etc. etc. in order to protect more the drivers

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 Posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Some of the Terms, Conditions, Policies, etc. etc. etc. should be adjusted, modify, etc. etc. etc. in order to protect more the drivers' as they also have to deal with babysitting, personal therapy, etc etc etc.


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     5 years ago

    The only complaint I have is that it seems far too easy for people to ignore the passenger must be over 18 part of the agreement. I would like Lyft to send out reminders to customers more often. That and a car seat reminder would solve most of the difficult conversations that I need to have with those that need to get places. 

    Any job where you talk to people you end up acting as a therapist, that is just part of basic customer service, so that does not bother me at all. If I do not want to have an awkward conversation I do not drive after ten, but during the day people are usually just talkative. 

    One thing that I would like to see implemented is a part of their website that helps drivers find the closest restroom, but that seems difficult, so I just stick with retail giants, hardware stores, and any grocery store for the closest restroom. Not all of the gas stations in the area will allow you to use the restroom without a purchase. 

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     5 years ago

    It sounds like you are looking for benefits usually reserved for employees.  

    I am agreeing with you, as I feel your pain.  I am a driver and this job takes a toll.  I don't know how I do it.  LOL.