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Questions Uber/Lyft drivers are tired of being asked

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16 Driver
 Posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Hey everyone! I'm writing a story for SFGate addressing the topic of "questions Uber/Lyft drivers are tired of being asked." Do you get asked the same questions over and over again? Is there a small talk conversation topic that drives you crazy?

Let me know and your response could be used in our story!


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    524 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    "How do you like working for Uber?"

    I used to get this question more often, but sometimes people (who I assume are new to Uber) still ask it. The answer is awkward because I used to like driving for Uber more when they paid decently. These days I wonder if it is even worth it. But if I say that, it sounds like I'm groveling for a tip. So I just say "Yeah it's ok" and hope there are no follow up questions.

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    77 Driver
     4 years ago

    Personally I don't mind the conversations even if they get repetitive but some questions you will hear VERY frequently are "How long have you been driving for" "Do you like driving" and "Do you do anything else besides driving".

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    457 Driver Driver
     4 years ago

    The most common question is, "How long have you been driving Uber?" "Do you like it?" "Making good money?" Hands down. With that said, I am not tired of it as it falls into the category of *talking about the weather*.  It's the sort of question everyone asks to fill the gaps in conversations. 

    I drive in Boston where rideshares have been around a long time, but I think there is still fascination in the Uber driving. The fascination must be that we are regular people and they could do it too. So, I get it that they are curious about this profession (if we can call it that), and to be honest? I think our responses do vary from driver to driver, hence they expect an interesting conversation stemming from it.  

    It's too bad that it's the same conversation from the driver's perspective, but at least the riders get a kick out of it. (Hey, happy customer, happy driver.)

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      221 Rider Driver
       4 years ago

      I second this.  It falls into the same category as the weather conversation. I don't know about other drivers, but I am an introvert and do not enjoy the interactions with customers and the obligated small talk.  This is one topic I can speak to comfortably.  Don't mind at all.

      There is a derivation to this question though, which is, "Where do you live? Where are you coming from?" I am sure they mean no harm, but it's sort of a personal question.

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    26 Driver
     4 years ago

    Besides the obvious that have already been covered I also get a lot of "Do you live around here?" which always seems a little odd to me. You are a complete stranger I don't really feel comfortable telling you where I live yet, surprisingly, many people ask this!

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     4 years ago

    What story?