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     4 years ago in  Weird issue

    Oh, man, sorry to hear that.  What did they tell you at the greenlight office? Just awkward run-arounds?

    I hate telling you this, but when they ghost you like this, it means you have been deactivated and your account is in a limbo. It may come back or it may not. 

    Eventually, they will send you the verdict.

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     4 years ago in  Uber Black/SUV Drivers - Thoughts on the new quiet mode?

  • Yes.  Sorry.  Gotta make a living.

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     4 years ago in  How bad will the surge be on St. Patrick's Day?

    In most communities, it's quite a disappointment for the drivers.  In other words, no crazy surges on St. Patrick's day.

    Do you know why? There is no set time where everyone travels.  People are drinking all day, and they all leave at different times.  Probably some increased activities Saturday night due to events but I've been disappointed in the past.

  • You ask for "one-star" rating, which means you are asking for only the severe cases. (not 2-star~4-star)  This is a tough one because I have rarely given 1-star. There are lots of people who annoy me but I take a star or two off in most cases and never a 1-star.

    Few instances that I remember are, of course, the drunk and puke scenarios. Those are pretty much automatic 1-star. Another example are the real rude ones who treated me with disrespect, yelled, smoked in the car, slammed the doors, etc. 

    Again, there are lots of cases where I took stars off.  Like this one dude last week who didn't speak a word and didn't respond to any of my questions. There are also cases where the rider would get my car dirty (muddy shoes), making me wait, not knowing exactly where he is going, etc. These are people who didn't mean to be rude but...just ended up being rude. :)

  • This all depends on the mutual understanding. Is that cash reward a tip on top of the delivery fee?

    I supposed you could say, “Uber will charge you $15 through the app,” when the customer is accepting the lost item. Then it will be up to him or her to either give you more cash (officially as a voluntary tip) or give you nothing. 

    All about the expectation. 

  • I heard this too. Never happened to me.

  • Other passengers on an UberPool. That is COMPLETELY outside of my control, but it obviously does affect the experience. 

    That's the problem; people rate the ride not necessarily the driver. I get it that if a girl has a horrible ride due to an annoying dude riding with her, she may rate low.  I get it that if the Uber app glitches, a man may rate negatively for the experience as a feedback to Uber.  Unfortunately, these ratings really affect the drivers.

  • Never ask your driver if he has been drinking. Such an accusation, even a joking one, would make us feel uncomfortable, because it's such a serious matter and we can lose our license to do our job. (I am an limo, UberBlack, driver.)

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     5 years ago in  What's a typical passenger rating for Uber? Is 4.50 good?

    Another reason we shouldn't accept rides from riders with ratings lower than 4.7 or 4.8.

  • Another posted brough this up already but I hate it when people in my car. Crap all over the floor and seats, and the next passengers will ding me for a low rating. Please be considerate!  Just wait to get home.

  • That we lose money on short trips. 

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     5 years ago in  Is Uber eats worth it for drivers?

    I dread the day we are forced to do UberEats. Just as they did with UberPOOL.

  • This question is designed with an answer in mind. It's obviously a challenge against those who drive them full time.

    Calling it a part-time gig is a good excuse for Uber because those people would expect less and won't complain about the low pay.  It's basically a way to make a little cash on the side, using the car that's sitting there anyways and using the time they happen to have free.  

    That's even how they advertise it on TV.

  • Can’t see acceptance rate or cancellation numbers anymore.  I asked another driver and he said it’s there for some people. What the heck. I clicked everywhere. 

  • That's an amenity?  Sounds like a vehicle feature for the drivers.  and it's brilliant.

  • Despite other drivers up and arm about this, I will be the devil's advocate.  We do get paid decently (at least we used to), and it somewhat "secures" pay for that day.   ...and if it comes towards the end of the shift, it can be a nice $80 in the pocket, despite it taking some time clean up.

    Uber does consider for your time, and I believe they even explain this to the customers.  

    I get it, the vomit is disgusting.  and drunk people, and even their friends, are completely useless when it comes to cleaning up.  I do suck up and do it.  Say, it takes me 30 minutes to clean it up.  Maybe go to my favorite 24hour car wash where I get a clean and unlimited vacuum for $7.00.  Then I drive around for a few minutes to make sure the smell is gone.  Say 2hours?  Despite the fact that it sucked, I got $80 out of it.  That is actually a higher hourly rate than when i actually drive.

    If there are significant damages that require professional cleaning, you can inquire Uber and send them the receipt of the work done.  I have not done it myself, but I heard Uber is decent about reimbursing you for that. (I assume the cost is passed onto the customer.)

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     5 years ago in  Octopus Tablet

    I looked into it.   I wasn't sure if the trouble was worth it for $100. It's not like the passengers will tip me better because of it. 

    Do you share your ad revenue with drivers?

    Yes! We pay you for driving and having passengers play the tablet, as well as referral fees for referring new drivers to our network. Full-time drivers can make $100 per month and referrals are worth $25 each.

  • I know newbies do this.  Once you request a ride, do not move.  Please for the love of god, don't move.  We can't see your location over GPS.  No, the blue marker doens't move on our screen It's only on your screen.

    thank you.

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     5 years ago in  Extra passengers

    First of all, our 5-seater sedans are UberX, and hence we are asked to only carry 4 passengers. (not counting the driver)

    Second, yes, I get this multiple instances every month.  Usually on the weekends from bars with young college students.  I think they are either trying to save money, or trying to scam the driver (by hoping a SUV would show up - but still get the cheaper UberX price).

    Yes, I know.  They always say they can fit in  One guy would say, "I can lie across everyone."  Another girl says, "I can sit on a lap. I am small! (all braggingly)" 

    Never never never accept.  Tell them that it is illegal and you cannot operate the vehicle.  You may lose your license and get ticketed.  (actually, I am not sure if you'd lose your license, but just say it.)

    If they insist, cancel the ride and move on.   Oh, btw, do not start the trip by any mean.  Just cancel before the trip starts, and the pax cannot rate you.

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