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Lyft passengers tips DOUBLE Uber's?!

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250 Rider
 Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

I know this is a small sample (i.e. 100 rides but one driver), but it's a pretty larg egap.

"Lyft passengers therefore tipped 14.37% of their fare, or just over twice what Uber passengers tipped.  (Side note: My average fare was roughly the same between the two platforms, at about $8.50.)"



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     2 years ago

     It's been pretty well-known that Lyft riders tip more   at least more often.  UBer didn't let people tip in the past so there are still Uber people who don't know. 

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       2 years ago

      ... But now you see the tip option in the Uber app all the time. How can people not know about tipping? 

       Could it be that the amount of each tip is lower amongst Uber passengers? I'm not sure why that would happen though.