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The Top 6 Reasons Riders Tip their Drivers. Drivers, do you agree?

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1016 Rider Guru
 Posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago


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    427 Driver Driver Rider
     11 months ago

    Candy and water ??? At these cheap rates ????  .keep your tip because it averages less than 10%. 

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    33 Driver
     11 months ago

    Where are those 41% of people who always tip? In my experience, on Uber maybe 20% of the people tip. On Lyft, maybe 25%. With such a small sample size you are not going to get an accurate picture. My results are based off of over 5,000 rides.

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    1075 Rider Driver
     11 months ago

    41% "Always" tip, and 32% "Usually" tip? 


    Not even remotely close.  More like 8% and 4%.

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     11 months ago

    Tipping in the ride-hailing services is always a controversial topic. Many riders disagree with the concept of tipping as they think it is unfair with the ride-hailing policy of giving cheap rides as it makes the trips expensive. Moreover, the drivers of ride-hailing drivers make enough money of about $12 to $15 per hour which is more than the standard wage criteria; therefore it is better to tip someone deserving.
    But still, many passengers give tips. I agree that the above six factors encourage riders to give tips. However, I am not sure about the statistics.
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