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moving question

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 Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

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i am wondering if uber would allow me to use it for moving from syracuse new york to malone new york all i would bring with my is my xbox one in its box, my laptop and my clothes.

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    800 Driver
     5 months ago

    How is this different from picking up a person from airport with 3 luggage bags. Exactly same thing, so pack your stuff and a driver will have no issues taking you. If you have too much stuff for regular uber x sedan, order XL

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    74 Rider
     5 months ago

    Clothes, Laptop, and XBox. That seems like a business trip to me. :)

    Seriously, can't you just take a train for that amount.

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      164 Rider
       5 months ago

      You take an Xbox on business trips?