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My Theory regarding the NYC MTA ride surcharge . What is your thoughts ?

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 Posted 5 years ago

My theory is the two beauties  Cuomo & the mayor preplanned this surcharge well in advance while stuffing their pockets and eventually screwing ride share like Uber. The MTA has been cooking the books for years  and  I know personally people who would attest to that fact.  Now for the plan :  They take graft  from Uber &  Lyft  flood the streets with TLC drivers  ,lower the standards to be a driver  ,   increase negative revenue from the drivers ,push down the medallion value and then pause.  What happens : Drivers commit suicide, cause accidents ,  prolongs response time for emergency vehicles  , promote pollution and now we have a serious congestion problems. Now comes the Union protests that sheds negative light on city government and Uber just then they announce a IPO.  Where will be the new graft ?  Oh the poor MTA  and their woes . Let's screw the citizens and add 2.75 surcharge and screw Uber too . By the way Uber Lyft,  Sue This !!! .  The drivers are not making what was put into law so far and people are starting to complain about this unlawful surcharge which will backfire on them. Would it not make more sense to remove  the excess TLC vehicles, increase driver standards and have a fair pricing system ?