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Nationwide 24 hour Uber/Lyft Driver's Strike May 8

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 Posted 7 months ago

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So who's in?


Gotta admit it's pretty shrewd to do this on the day of Uber's IPO. Let em sweat a little. Maybe it will tick a billion or two off of their valuation... for a couple hours.


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     7 months ago

    Meh. I don't think a voluntary strike like this will ever work. With real unions they can enforce it but this isn't a real union, it's just an organization. On Wednesday, some drivers will strike, and others will drive just to sweep up the easy pickings. If enough drivers strike, surge will be high in a lot of places. Plenty of drivers will be out, I predict.

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     7 months ago

    Well I wasn't plannin on driving anyways that day LOL. guess I'm part of the movement.

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     7 months ago

    Those who won't participate will get all the surges in the world!

    ...hence I don't believe this will work. There has to be unity for this type of thing to work.

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     7 months ago

    IPO day is way too late to make a difference.  definitely not in terms of financials and other performance metrics.

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     7 months ago

    Good luck to you all.