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Need drivers

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 Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

I run a bar in Bolivar Ohio and I'm looking for the ability to get my customers home safely, mainly on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays, as those are the times there are too many for me to get all of them home myself. 


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    8153 Rider Driver
     7 months ago

    Lyft and Uber operate in Bolivar Ohio. A Bar here in Philadelphia made an area inside the Bar and put Uber signs up. There are a few benches in there where the customers sit and wait. It is inside so customers can stay warm and dry. They can download the apps and request a car when they are ready to leave. 


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    54 Rider Driver
     7 months ago

    Are you looking for Lyft and Uber drivers? Looking to pay someone cash? If thats the idea its not a good one unless that driver has proper license, insurance, etc... It's illegal. Just saying! Getting involved in something like that could cause you many issues.