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To Uber and Lyft drivers: What are things passengers UNFAIRLY rate you on? What are things outside of your control as a driver, but can ding you on your ratings or tips?

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 Posted 6 months, 1 week ago

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    44 Driver
     6 months ago

    For not responding to unreasonable request!

    For example, when I say NO to people asking me to hurry, speed, and break laws. 


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    315 Rider Driver
     6 months ago

    My poor music selection.

    Those user feedbacks are a riot.

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    263 Driver
     6 months ago

    Other passengers on an UberPool. That is COMPLETELY outside of my control, but it obviously does affect the experience. 

    That's the problem; people rate the ride not necessarily the driver. I get it that if a girl has a horrible ride due to an annoying dude riding with her, she may rate low.  I get it that if the Uber app glitches, a man may rate negatively for the experience as a feedback to Uber.  Unfortunately, these ratings really affect the drivers.

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      239 Driver Driver
       6 months ago

      Yeah, I think that's what the OP is asking for, right. Pretty much? Riders are rating the experience while as the drivers end up being solely responsible for their experience.

      If Uber overcharges or the surge angers the passengers, oops, it's the drivers' fault.  Fantastic.

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     6 months ago

    How good looking (or bad looking) I am. LOL.

    I still remember some 20/20 (or 60 minutes?) research where they determined that better looking people get bigger tips and more positive feedback. The cards are stacked against from birth.

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    415 Driver Driver
     6 months ago

    Cigarettes and marijuna smell from previous passengers. 

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    282 Driver Driver
     6 months ago

    Perhaps we should reference this forum post when answering this question:

    RIDERS: What are some of your reasons for not tipping a driver?

    Lots come to mind:

    • Traffic.  Your lack of planning and being late isn't my problem.
    • Taking a different (but a much better route that's quicker and potentially be cheaper)
    • Poor weather where the floorboard may be wet or muddy. Come on!!