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  • Do you have a dashcam? If so did you try to send footage to Uber? Did you try going to the Hub? Neither may work but worth a try it cant hurt. If you get back on Uber or drive for Lyft. Make sure you have dashcam. If something transpires (mistakes) before rider gets in and they get in complaining best to cancel ride. If they get into your car after an issue. Waste 30/45 secs before you start trip this way if they start complaining  you can cancel without them being able to rate you.  I was at an airport 30 people staring at their phones. I am not a mind reader my rider made no attempt to flag me down. Other than a female name I have nothing else. So I go to circle around again which takes all of 45 secs, she called with an attitude that I passed her. I Immediately hit cancel. Never pick rider up with an attitude. They call or text complaining ahead if time that ride will be a nightmare. After confirming their name, driver, etc. I try & ask how their day is fiddle around for 30 secs before starting trip. They cant rate you until you start trip. Try to get a feel for them before starting trip especially after there is an issue. Sorry you have to deal with this. Some people are just mean and evil. They dont care if you lose your job. It sucks the BS we have to put up with

  • I have also caught both Uber and Lyft doing this. I think that is one of the reasons Lyft took away what riders are paying. I've also seen a few YT videos with screenshots.  All the negativity, lies, issues, and criminal activity (rape, robbery, murder) and yet we still drive and still request rides. Riders are addicted and drivers are dependent on the income. The Evil Dara knows this and his competitor Logan follows Dara's every move. The only way things will get better is for new honest CEO's take over the 2 companies but dont see that happening. A new rideshare company who actually cares about making both driver & riders happy enters the market.and defeats the Evil CEO and his copycat follower Logan. Wonder if Logan Greene ever makes a decision on his own? Nah my guess is his 1st thought what would Dara do? 

  • When riders say "I'll tip you in the app" drivers obviously know they are not getting tipped. On occassion when a rider says that  I do actually get a tip. Your post makes you wonder if more riders are trying to tip and running into issues. If so how often? How much has it cost drivers? Not only was the app a problem but so was CS. I am sure most riders would of clicked "tip" 1/2 times and gave up. Sucks there is nota damn thing drivers can do it's nit like we can contact Uber and get help. Thanks for sharing your experience though. Maybe all those I'll tip you in the app riders are not cheapass liars after all. 

  • Were you ready when driver got there or did you make them wait for 5 min or more? Sounds like you made them wait as thats the only way you get charged a fee. That time of morning is busy with airport rides. Dont make the driver wait.  Every min waiting for a rider gets the driver .10/.30 per min depending which market. Pennies is what a drivers make waiting for a rider. During that wait time you just cost that driver another ride maybe a good paying one that tips. Time is $. Poor planning (running late) on your part isnt the drivers fault (as another person commented). Though it does become their problem when you cost them time & $. 

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     4 years ago in  Need drivers

    Are you looking for Lyft and Uber drivers? Looking to pay someone cash? If thats the idea its not a good one unless that driver has proper license, insurance, etc... It's illegal. Just saying! Getting involved in something like that could cause you many issues.

  • What happened?

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     4 years ago in  Uber/Lyft manipulating rides to frustrate me

    Uber not sure about Lyft used to put you in "time out". Years back when acceptance rate was important I went down to 65% one night. The following Saturday night I got 2 pings in 2.5 hrs. I was in my same spot, same time I waited for rides every Saturday night. I went to 2 other busy areas still nothing. I watched the rider app other Ubers were quite busy. I wouldnt put anything past those sleazy companies. Both are evil empires with evil CEO's that dont care about drivers whatsoever. Dara K is so pissed they put all that $ out for self driving cars thinking they would be rid of drivers in a few yrs. Now he is stuck with paying drivers for much longer than anticipated. He without a doubt hates drivers.

  • In time this will be taken away or modified in some way. All low $ trip request will increase times it takes to get a driver. Certain neighborhood trip request will start to see longer wait times for a driver. I see it with Lyft scheduled rides. Rides $10 & over get scooped up immediately. Rides $3 to $5 sit for 30 min or more. When this happens Uber will put out a statement that its not working and as quickly as they gave it they will take it away. You really think they will do this at no cost to the drivers? 

  • Thats a start but still have much more to do. You can see where you are going and approx how much you will make but doesn't change the low rates. A true win will be when they increase driver rates. When they stop stealing surge money from drivers. What happens when a majority of the drivers stop accepting trips that are $3 to $5. In time they will take it away stating "its not working".  It's just like anything else they gave drivers that helped. They took it away. I see it on Lyft scheduled rides all the time. Rides priced over $10 get scooped up immediately the $3 to $5 rides sit for 30 min or more before a driver takes them. The wait time for these rides are going to increase. Uber will then take it away. Anything Uber gives drivers gets modified, taken back, or comes at a price.  I wouldn' get too excited just yet.

  • It is great they are doing this but I think an increase in what we are paid per mile and per minute would be a better Christmas gift. 

  • It obvious why they took it out.

  • Answering the 1st part of your statement she answered yes. 2nd question you asked would you have preferred detailed passenger receipt in addition she answered "would be nice if they continued to keep it in our breakdown". Dont understand why you commented "you dont want to see what passenger pays, you are the minority". 

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     4 years ago in  Should I give low ratings to Uber drivers who solicit tips?

    If they are not rude or relentless. If they do it in a tactful way then no why give a low rating. Signs, boxes, jars are ok. I personally dont have any of that but i see nothing wrong with it.  I surely dont understand why you would give a  low rating. If passengers would make an effort even a few $ drivers would not need to ask. Passengers should be tipping drivers. 

  • People are being "offended" entirely too much. Its a bathroom. Have you never been in a public restroom? They are usually disgusting. Many businesses have a public restroom and an employee one. Pick and choose your battles.  Seriously this is far from the worst thing Uber has done to drivers. Sorry but total nonsense being butt hurt over separate bathrooms. 

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     4 years ago in  Drug induced or mentally ill Lyft driver?

    Did you notify Lyft? The police?

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     4 years ago in  Is there really an Uber for dogs?

    Yes is called Uber pool. Aren't most of the riders dogs? Many riders act like animals.

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     4 years ago in  Wanted uber estimate from Woodbridge va to Delaware

    Why dont people who use this site go to the fare estimator? So many people ask about cost yet all they need to do is go to the main page. You can even go to the rideshare apps themselves. People seem to get lazier and lazier.

  • Probably never. What did you do or what are you being accused of? Hard to speculate without knowing the reason. Are you a new driver? If your rating drops to a 4.60 in the early days when you first start driving for non serious reasons they may let you take an online course for $100. I know people this happened to. 

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     4 years ago in  Eating lunch with driver

    Unless the driver pulls up to rider then the rider request a ride. Chances are they will be paired. 

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     4 years ago in  Is Uber sending the closest driver? Not necessarily!

    Not thick skin. The patience to read and believe the bull they post. Half of them are like a bunch of old bittys playing Mah- Jongg. Sorry not trying to offend older women or mah-jongg players. Just an old expression. 😉

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