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Riders, Uber and Lyft rates for trips will increase. Wall Street wants profits. Drivers do you expect rates to increase when fares are increased? Do you think driver tips are going to disappear once rider rates are increased?

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8152 Rider Driver
 Posted 7 months, 4 weeks ago

Will Uber and Lyft lose riders once rates are increased? Will riders stop tipping once rates increase? Will drivers get any of the increased rate?  I think they will lose a few riders that are extremely cheap & only use rideshare because how low fates are. Most riders are accustomed to using rideshare so they probably will continue. I just hope that riders who use Uber & Lyft because they are drunk dont end up deciding to drive once fares go up.   I think tips will definately decrease as riders will think drivers are making more money with the increase. They may be annoyed by the increase and cant take it out on Uber or Lyft so why not take it out on the driver? I feel once fares are increased many riders will either lower the percentage of the tip or not tip at all. Lets face it there are still many riders out there that dont tip even with the low cost of their rides.  Hopefully they still tip but I dont see them still tipping 20% or more.  Absolutely not!!!!! Drivers will not see a dime of the increase in fares. 


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