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Survey! Drivers, please help us to uncover the truth about rideshare driver pay.

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1026 Rider Guru
 Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

Our friends at Ridester.com want to shed some light on how much rideshare drivers really make across the United States. In order to better understand driver pay they are asking all rideshare drivers to please fill out this quick survey. Please help them out so we can all better understand the earning potential for rideshare drivers across the US!

Better insights into your driving experience means continued content that will boost your earning potential. - Ridester.com


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    1072 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Bad poll, since it only allows you to enter numbers for ONE rideshare service.  Since I run both Uber and Lyft simultaneously, my earnings are actually higher than what would be assumed by looking at the Uber numbers that were provided. 


    I worked a 6 hr shift on Mon 7/23  (6 hrs actual time from getting in the car until I parked in the driveway)

    Uber figure:  $188.63 earned in 5 hrs, 13 min.

    Lyft (not reported):  $84.16

    By the numbers entered, one would assume that I worked 5.25 hrs and averaged $35.92 /hr, while in reality I worked 6 hrs for a total of $272.79, an average of $45.46 /hr

    Please fix to prevent confusion.

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      863 Rider Driver
       4 years ago

      I filled it out but I feel like I provided junk data, because I am part-time and I didn't work last week.  I had to put $0.00 and 0 hours worked.  I hope it won't skew the data.

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    203 Driver
     4 years ago

    Just took it. When will the results be published?