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The shutdown is turning prison guards into Uber drivers

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 Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

It may get pretty competitive if everyone affected by government shut downs start driving Uber.

FRESNO, California — Aaron McGlothin works as a corrections officer at the federal prison in Mendota, California. He’s had a decades-long, stable career in corrections. But with no paycheck in sight due to the government shutdown, the 43-year-old has started driving for Uber to help make ends meet.

“It can be a little embarrassing,” he told VICE News while driving around Fresno in the rain on Saturday, looking for rides. “The embarrassing thing is, it's like, well — you have a job, you know? And then when people see this they're going to realize that, well heck, yeah you got a job, but you're not getting paid.”



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