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Too funny!! Angry Moms Road Rage Against Lyft Driver. I would say Unbelievable except in todays world.

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8184 Rider Driver
 Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

I have to say she deserves Mom of the Year Award for 2019.  Click on link. The video/article is pretty funny. Apparently mom has bad road rage. She allows her children to listen to Kidz Bop (very loudly)  with headphones so she can road rage.  Shows you the kind of lunatics we all share the road with. You never know who you may piss off. 


Not only do we have to deal with the sometimes crazy riders. We now have random crazy moms that have road rage.  Nowadays there are more assults & problems against the driver more so than the passengers. 

This woman in the article/video is nuts. The driver apologizes over and over. The passenger even says something and she gets called a b!+ch. People seriously need help. She she be fined for road rage. It has to be asked again. Is it worth driving for Uber & Lyft? My answer is some days but it's getting more difficult to stay safe out there. I think Uber & Lyft should start a $3 surcharge for hazzard pay:)  


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    40 Rider
     1 year ago

    Sometimes I really wonder what is happening to this world. People are strange now a days

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    59 Rider
     1 year ago

    Wow some people are just nuts. SMH