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Another video surfaces against yet another driver.

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4707 Rider Driver
 Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

Another video surfaces about a driver. As usual with many videos the beginning of the situation isnt recorded. New York Post states "White called out driver after going the wrong way down multiple streets". Video starts with him making monkey noises. Why didnt video start with what she said? Notice her "calling out the driver" isnt in the video. Video only starts with the driver being extremely angry.   How does anyone know what she said to the driver? When she "called out the driver" she could've been rude, screaming, using racial slurs but we will never know because she didnt video that part of the conversation. Why? Probably because she wants a free ride, 5 min of you tube fame, video to go viral, and maybe even a lost suit settlement. The driver seems extremely angry and I highly doubt its because she said "sir your going the wrong way". Not saying what he said was right and not justifying it but LISTEN to what she says. I am sure she didnt "call him out"in a nice respectful way. Just another self entitled young person. She is calling him her servant, he works for her, he is a lowly uber driver etc.. She dont even own a car probably works at Wal Mart. 

So tired of people pulling out their phones to video a situation. If you want to record it record it from the beginning, show the whole story not just what you want people to see. She probably was an express pool rider. Ride probably cost her 6.00 and she is screaming "your my bitch, you work for me". He shouldve tossed her ass once she started her disrespectful ignorant mouth. If my daughter talked to an older man that way i would've kicked her ass. There is no way anyone can make me believe she politely told the man he was going the wrong way unless a video surfaces with the whole ride on it. Again why didnt she record from the beginning. Because she ran her mouth. So tired of these young self entitled disrespectful brats. Again no the guy shouldnt of said some things but seems she said some nasty things to piss him off. 




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