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Uber and Lyft are having a terrible effect on public transportation, new research shows

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35 Driver
 Posted 10 months, 3 weeks ago

No environments are being saved. We are ridding of the most efficient way to travel, i.e. public transportation.

Link to article.


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    23 Rider
     10 months ago

    In Dubai their public transport system in AMAZING! So easy, fast, clean, not crowded, etc. If other cities spent that kind of money on their transport systems I bet UberPool and LyftLine would die overnight.

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    186 Rider
     10 months ago

    Didn't Uber recently put a public transport option in the their app though? I wonder if that helps some.

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    1279 Rider Driver
     10 months ago

    Pool, express pool and shared rides on Lyft is the culprit. Everyone is getting off the bus and into a car.

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    205 Rider Driver
     10 months ago

    Seems obvious. Rideshares are too cheap. Public transport is forced to raise prices which only makes the problem worse.