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Uber announced a series of changes to its app in an attempt to become the “operating system for your daily life.”

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2004 Rider
 Posted 8 months ago

I can't read this with a straight face:

The changes include giving users things to do other than call a ride when they open up the app — such as order food and view public transportation options. It’s another example of how the company is trying to branch out from ride-hailing, in a push to become profitable.



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     8 months ago

    Not sure what is new here. You can been able to order food and view pub transit for awhile now...

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    204 Rider Driver
     8 months ago

    I think they are in the "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" phase now. 

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    252 Driver
     8 months ago

    Always blowing smoke so they can continue to score the funding

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    1279 Rider Driver
     8 months ago

    Operating system fir my daily life is my family and friends. Only time I think of UBER or when I write or tweet about them. These people have such visions of grandeur.