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UBER app Went offline

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 Posted 3 years, 4 months ago

I had taken UBER to the Drs office at 2:30pm and that was pretty normal. Except I noticed the fare had gone from about $8.90 to $13.70 in two months. That I can handle. Everybody is getting a raise because of the cost of living. But, when I went to try and use app to go back home it wasn't working!!  After trying for 15 minutes and not getting anywhere I even called my Mom and she tried to call them from where she was out of town. She couldn't get a phone number for them!!! So the only thing she could recommend was to call a Taxi. But, luckily Uber came back online and allowed me to get a ride home. 

But for almost an hour the Uber app was down and I am disabled and I couldn't get ahold of them and the Drs office was closing early. I know for regular people this is merely a disruption, but for a disabled person it is a real problem of when it comes to being able to do things by yourself and NOT have to rely on family members.

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