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Driver & pool passenger shot to death by another pool passenger on their ride. Uber Pool & Lyft shared. Don't order these options. Is saving a few $ worth losing your life ?

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8199 Rider Driver
 Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

Uber driver and 1 passenger shot dead on an Uber Pool Ride by another pool passenger on drugs.

Uber pool. 1 driver & 2 passengers that do not know each other = death for 2.

This is absolutely awful. My  Prayers go out to both families. 

Drivers pick up strangers 5 to 45X's per day. It's a job we know has its risks. What about a passenger?  What about that other pool rider you are getting in the car with or the 2 or 3 pool riders? Uber & Lyft dont background check riders. You dont want to get into an Uber or Lyft if the driver didnt have a background check so why get in with another passenger that not only doesnt have a background check but may be on the Uber & Lyft platforms with a fake name? 

Riders, please THINK about this. Is saving that few bucks worth your life? Yes, chances are it wont happen to you. BUT this rider probably never thought it would happen to her. DO NOT ORDER UBER POOL & LYFT SHARED. This could be you. Click link below. It's bad enough you hear horror stories about some of the drivers but with another pool rider you dont know what you are getting yourself into.


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