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Pregnant Lyft driver stabbed to death. What can drivers do to protect themselves? As a driver have you ever been in a bad situation? If so what did you do? Please share.

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8199 Rider Driver
 Posted 4 years ago

This is just awful. Pregnant Lyft driver with 2 small children was stabbed to death.  Other than to carry a gun (which Uber & Lyft dont allow). What can we do to protect ourselves? Is there really an answer? I cannot think of one fool proof way to protect yourself.

Your rider is behind you in most instances. Even if next to you you are still trying to drive a car in traffic. Even if pulled over you are probably in a seatbelt and there is not much room in a car to move around. 

Mace - if you spray in car you will be affected also. Maybe not as bad as the person you spray. 

Knife or gun - again your in an awkward postion.

If the crazy person in your car has a knife or gun you are most likely screwed. You cant wrestle it away from them. Lets say you have a knife or gun the rider still has upper hand. They are behind you with more room to move and they are not operating a vehicle. You cant watch their every move as you are driving, watching traffic, & GPS. 

Have you ever been in a bad situation while driving for a taxi or ride share? If so what happened and what did you do in the situation,



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    33 Rider
     4 years ago

    This is terrible. Someone out trying to do a job to provide for family.  Two little ones lost their mom and sibling they never got to meet. Father lost his significant other and his child. For what? What has this world come to? Momof4 I agree. How do drivers keep themselves safe? I don't see any situation especially a female being able to protect themselves. As you said you are in awkward position and rider has the upper hand.  If your intuition tells you something isn't right assume you are correct. Pull over in well lit area, get out, and get help. Better to be wrong then end up seriously injured or dead. Drivers be careful and be safe.

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    5 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    1. Always carry a can of Mace. Most Japanese/Korean cars have an empty slot in the dash to the left of the steering wheel where this will fit easily. It's out of the passengers' sight and it's easy to get to.

    2. Get a DashCam that's center mounted. I have a VanTrue Pro just under my rear view mirror and it instantly provides a "stupidity deterrent." I plug it in as the passengers are getting into the car and the small screen shows an image of passengers who are being recorded.

    3.Keep a gun on the left side of the driver seat. This prevents the criminal from getting it and also gives you a way to fight back.

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    668 Driver
     4 years ago

    wow. absolutely awful.

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    524 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    In big cities, taxis have always had a thick plexiglass shield behind the front seats for protection. Taxi drivers always have a big wad of cash so this makes sense. I used to think this wasn't necessary in Uber since there is no cash changing hands. But I guess not. How sad.