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Uber rejected my payment method that I had just used 4 previous days, leaving me stranded. Why?

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 Posted 2 years, 10 months ago


I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light onto my horrible first week using Uber.  I used Uber while visiting family in another state.  I successfully used Uber to get from the airport to their home, and then 3 times while visiting my family.  Then, at 4:00am when I was trying to order an Uber to the airport to get my flight home, I had an issue.  First a screen popped up and said that I needed to verify my payment method and that there was going to be 2 small charges in between 0.00 and 1.00 charged onto my credit account.   They said I had to log in and look at those charges and then copy them into my Uber screen.  I had to call my husband and wake him up, but he logged into our credit card account and read me those charges, which I then copied into the Uber screen.  After this Uber said my payment method was verified, but then every time I tried to order an Uber (and I could see available Uber cars on the app) it said there was a problem with my account.  I had to get a friend to drive me to the airport at 4:00AM!  Back at home,  I called my credit card company which said nothing had been suspiscious with my credit card. I then submitted 3 support requests with Uber asking what happened but never got an explanation.  I just got general replies saying my payment method had been declined and would be declined until further notice.  After I told them I was going to email upper managment at Uber, they said they sent my inquiry to an expert.  The expert replied and said my payment method was valid again, but how do I know what happened so I can be sure it doesn't happen again?   At this point I have zero faith that Uber will work the next time.  Thanks for any info.  


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     2 years ago

    Man, that sounds terrible. I have never had this happen before so I am no help, sorry. I have had my credit card declined when I traveled abroad and tried to use Uber but that isn't applicable here. Sometimes Uber is just funky, it is convenient and cheap but you can't rely on it for anything important!