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Uber wins small Victory in CA rape suit. What do you think?

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8153 Rider Driver
 Posted 6 months ago

I dont agree with Uber very often. They usually are at fault. However in this case it was not their fault. The guy was deactivated for harassing another female passenger. Yes he did have the trade dress (Uber sign) on his car. Uber and Lyft signs, amps, etc... can be made and sold by anyone. They are sold on multiple sites. They can be stolen. To just trust a sign in car window and nothing else is just plain stupid. The man was not on the Uber app therefore he wasnt her Uber. Why didnt she check the license plate, the drivers pic, make, color and model of the car? She just jumped in any car because it had an Uber sign. Not to make light of what happened to her but this was due to her own laziness and stupidity. Uber should in no way be held accountable. We dont live in a safe world, there are some sick evil people out there. Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to your damn app. Your drivers info is right in front of you. You can watch us pull up to you. Get your head out of your ass and wake up. Dont try to sue a company because you are lazy and careless. Damn never thought I would be agreeing Uber wasnt at fault for something:)


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