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Uber XL

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 Posted 5 days, 6 hours ago

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When I request a ride using an app on my phone for Uber and I need a Uber XL how do I make sure I get an Uber XL vehicle that can handle 4 or 5 people with luggage?


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    7866 Rider Driver
     5 days ago

    Uber XL vehicles are SUV's, mini vans, or anything that has seating for 6 people with 6 seatbelts. My XL vehicle fits 7 and I have 7 seatbelts but that not every XL vehicle. These vehicles will have trunk room but sometimes can be limited in some vehicles. If you only have 4/5 people and luggage you should be good. Most SUV's and mini vans have seats that lay down to give you more trunk space. For example I would put 1 rider in front seat, 3 in 2nd row, and 1 in 3rd row. I could then put down 2 of my seats and have extra trunk room. If you are concerned order the XL vehicle call or text your driver once your request is accepted. Tell the driver you have 4/5 people with 5 med/big suitcases will they fit? That will give you peace of mind and you wont waste any time. Unless your suitcases are extra large or you have more than 5 there shouldn't be an issue. In the event you have really big luggage or more than 4/5 med pieces request 2 Uber X. Put 2/3 people in each car with their luggage. You should be fine with the XL vehicle. Just giving you a back up and worst case scenario plan:)

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    916 Rider Driver
     5 days ago

    once you plug your destination in, the front page usually will pop with the cheapest rides, like regular Lyft, UBER x or pool, swipe up on uber amd right on Lyft, you'll find all the other classes.